Sleep Better with a Microbead Body Pillow!!

Are you experiencing any night time pains and aches while sleeping? 

Are you satisfied with the comfort level of your pillow? Are you still in search of a perfect pillow? Still looking for a high quality and durable pillow? If so, you need a pillow that can actually help you get rid of all these problems.

Pillows are supposed to be comfortable and they should always be able to support your body, whether you're sleeping or just relaxing. Nowadays, there are many types of pillows used for sleeping; pillows to offer support, or pillows that can wrap around your body. Microbead pillow is the only answer for all the queries related to comfortable sleep and support.

The Squishy Deluxe Microbead Pillow is there to provide you total body comfort. Its outer cover is made from a soft and flexible spandex material, and the fill is made from tiny polystyrene foam micro beads mixed with small amounts of microfiber for softness. It can imitate any shape applied to it according to your comfort and need. It is a perfect combination of high quality materials and micro beads. It offers sufficient support while preserving its super softness and squishiness. You can wrap it around your body and can feel comfortable in every sleeping or sitting position.

It comes in different shapes but cylindrical shape is the most popular over others. This unique and flexible microbead pillow allows it to be compressed into a smaller shape for easy storage. These pillows are easy to wash, in case they get dirty. The body pillow features a removable outer cover, which can be removed easily and the pillow itself can be washed in any standard washing machine, with proper precautions. Washing will ensure long lasting comfort with clean and fresh feel.

Choose your pillow according to your comfort and its different features. A pillow is there to give you peace and relief, not pain.